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direcTV satellite internet?

Guest aerodude

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There is a connection with the two of them.  I found it on the Directv website.  It works with Wildblue, Hughesnet, Bellsouth & I think a few others.  Anyway I called Directv & asked about it & they said they didn't have a bundle package with Directv & Hughesnet for one service amount but did give me a discount of $10/month off my Directv bill for a year since I already have Hughesnet Internet service.  Maybe this is what was intended by the post.  Hope this helps clear some of this up.

And by the way......Merry Christmas to everyone!!!    :grin:

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Hello fikester.....nope, I'm not an old timer but I am a Directv customer.  All I did was called their 1 800 number and told them I wanted to find out more about the Directv & high speed internet deal.  They connected me to someone to help me.  The lady said that they didn't have a bundled package for Directv customers who already had Hughesnet Sat internet but that what she could do is give me the $10/month discount off my Directv bill for one year.  It took her a couple minutes and she said the discount had been applied to this months bill.  Sure enough....we checked it online & $10 had been taken off the bill for this month.

There is a link on their website page to click & you can check to see what high speed internet services are available in your area.  The only one available for me was the Hughesnet.  If you've got Directv I recommend checking it out.  Hey, $10 bucks a month for a year is a pretty good discount!!

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