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cat-5 vs cat-6


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There are some advantages of both...

You can run up to 1Gib Ethernet on cat5..  The only difference between 100mbit and 1000mbit is the number of pairs of wires used in the transmission of the data over the network..  10/100 uses 2 pair where as 1000 uses all 4 pair in the wire.  Most of the time if you want to run 1000mbit speed over Cat 5 you are not going to use standard Cat 5 but Cat 5e which has a more specified set of requirement to qualify.

The reason for cat 6 is the improved performance of the physical cable.  Cat 6 has less cross talk and provides a higher signal to noise ratio that allows for more reliable connections and transmission of data across the network.  The other huge advantage is that it is expected that in the near future 10GbE will run on Cat 6.  This is going to be huge because copper then becomes a possible solution for SAN and NAS networks instead of just fiber to push large amounts of data.

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