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Insightbb and Bittorrent


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Ok. My speed tests are showing steady around 9.66mbps, and up is @ .9

But, no matter what torrent I connect to, whether it has 10 seeds or 250, I can connect to tons of seeds and peers, but no speed!

I'm not a newb to the torrent world, so after testing many, many different files.... I have decided that Insight must have started throttling bittorrent or something..  anyone have any other clues or rationales?

Thursday Night I downloaded an 8gb file @ 1200kb, and since yesterday morning nothing will move faster than 5kbps.... never had a problem with it before.


(toaster :) )

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I have no problems what so ever with bit torrent.  I was able to pull off the latest version of SuSE in under 2 hours on a bit torrent connection.  That is 3.1Gb ish?  Like Tim suggested check your port forward and you might want to change your client.  I have found that UTorrent runs pretty well on Insight.  I know that someone keeps a list of ISPs that throttle torrent traffic and so far I have not seen Insight on the list.  If I can find the list I will post it for ya.

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Well, I suppose I failed to mention that part of it.

I'm not behind a router, plugged straight to modem, and haven't had problems w/ BT until last week, there were burps right after the upgrade, but the speed tests reflected those as well.... generally when my speed tests are fine, BT runs great too.

- sorry for leaving that out!

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also read this guide from Shug http://www.testmy.net/forum/t-890

Now then the whole nasty situation of "ports" comes into this equation. In the old days only those with a router needed to change their port settings in order to download fast (remember a router will act as a firewall and not allow others to share files from your computer so nobody will share with you.) but today isp's are blocking or limiting the ports that BT uses which is 6881-6889 by default. They are doing this so that you will not be able to share quickly with others and use the isp's bandwidth.

So lets fix this problem, when you start Azureus the wizard will guide you through picking a port. Don't pick a port between 6881-6889, this can cause slow speeds. Once you have picked your port you will be able to test it to see if this port is open and working. If your test comes out good your ready to go. If not the next section will tackle port forwarding and firewalls.

VanBuren :)

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I have not been told my anyone at insight, but I have enough evidence to conclude this.

1. I have never had any problems with my router/modem, or any of my connections, until suddenly one day mu connection went shitty.

2. I changed nothing, but my torrent speeds went bad

3.  I have searched the internet, and many other people have said they same thing.

4.  My internet speed is still great

5.  When I use encryption (RC4 with azureus) then I get some torrent speed back, but still not full

So thats enough evidence for me, it really couldn't be anything else.  especially since more people in central illinois (my location) are experiencing the same problem.

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I could be mistaken then.  I would appreciate any help I could get.  I am using azureus, I have upnp enabled, and I have tried changing my port #'s randomly.  I had been using torrents succesfully for years on this same hardware setup with no problems and easily getting 250 kbs down, and 120kbs up.  I have tried taking my router out of the loop, and connecting my computer directly to the modem.  I have tried changing my ip address, I have tried no upnp, I have different clients besided azureus.  Currently I am getting all green lights, but without encryption enabled, I get 5kbs max, but with encryption I can get up to 80kbs down and 100kbs up.

Let me know if I should try other things.  Thanks for your help.  I may also try and give insightbb and call monday, and see if they say anything.

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8:02:38 PM  You Does InsightBB throttle torrents?   

8:03:07 PM  Adam C Not that I am currently aware of   

8:03:31 PM  You ok because i used to be able to download at very high speeds, now its at a max of 30 kb/s   

8:03:53 PM  You 25*   

8:04:18 PM  Adam C That could be the torrents - when high bandwidth seeders drop offline it redistributes the torrent load to those connected at the time.   

8:04:28 PM  You ok   

8:04:29 PM  You thanks   

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Just joined this forum to chime in.  I was having the same problems with Insightbb and torrents.  I've spoken with them and they are having some routing issues that are affecting torrents and other things.  Both the tech people and the service people told me there has been no change in Insight policy. 

We'll see if things clear up anytime soon.

- Marshal

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An update.  Insight said that they have resolved their routing problems.  Right now I'm connected to one torrent that's running fine and one that's not (on different trackers), so I tend to believe Insight when they say that they're not throttling torrents.  What's interesting is that the tracker where the torrent is working is using vBulletin software, and while the status light on the client shows problems, the tracker itself shows everything is fine.

On the other hand, two of the trackers I'm having trouble with are running a version of EzTorrent and show a problem with my client.  That's probably a coincidence that they're using different software .  It's also a positive that on one of the trackers using EzTorrent I am now able to run torrents, even though they're very slow.  Earlier, I was not able to even stay connected.

Anyways, since it was a routing problem, I'm going to wait to see what happens after all the DNS stuff gets updated overnight.  We'll see how things stand then.

So far, so good.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

- Marshal

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