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power supply

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ok well, instead of the 8800gtx im getting the 8800gts and i need the absolute cheapest power supply i can get..

suggestions? here's the req's for the card.

1GB of system memory

CD-ROM drive

50MB of available hard disk drive space for basic driver installation

PCI Express-compliant motherboard with one vacant PCI Express x16 slot

400W PCI Express-compliant system power supply with a combined 12V current rating of 26A or more(Minimum system power requirement based on a standard PC configured with an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor)

One 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors


Two 4-pin Molex supplementary power connectors

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........dont overlook the power supply requirement - you want something quality and reliable, especially if you are spending so much on other components

i recommend this product as I have used 5 OCZ power supplies so far, and they all do an excellent job


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Antec is a great choice..  Here are the two, with a system like that, I would be looking at.. 


Allows you to customize your power supply to what you need.


Overall one of the highest rated power supplies that they make.

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Does a PSU have to be SLI-certified to run SLI? Or does it only need a certain amount of power? I was looking at this one


to put with one or two 7600 GT and two hard drives in RAID0, and was wondering if it would be enuff to power it. Note that the prices are in canadian $, so that's pretty cheap compared to what you guys were offering. I know that Coolmax make some cheap PSUs but that one looked well rated. Btw I need long cables cause I'm building in a big case (Antec P180).

Edit: If you have anything to recommend, take into account that I can't order from Newegg cause I live in Canada :sad3:. I usually do business with Tigerdirect or DirectCanada.

Edit2: I just found this PSU that looks like the one disturbed recommended, but I think that 700W is just overkill for what I use it for. The nice thing is that there's a rebate on it.


Also, I was wondering if a 700W PSU consumed significantly more power than a 500W one if  it never sucked out more than 500W. Gonna have to pay my electricity bill next year  :grin:

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So is there a certain type of connector that I must specifically look for? How about power? Ive seen some 400W SLI-certified PSUs, so I guess 550 W could do it. Plus 7600 GTs are not the most power-consuming cards around. But really, as you will have noticed, I don't know much about PSUs, so I'm waiting for ur advice.

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6 pin connectors are for vid cars

20+4 , 20, 24 are for mother board

4 pin is for hard drives/cd drives

so you check how many you gonna need and than look at psu specs.

make sure it has enough amps on the rails to power whatever you need. and enough watts.

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I will speak from personal experience...

I build a system with an FX-60 dual core, and an 8800gts.  I thought 550watts(antec neo HE) would be enough(I already had the psu from my old build).  Well, long story short, the pc would run for about 30 seconds, then reboot...After thinking is was everything else, I finally realized it was the PSU.  It was not bad, as it works with my old system with a 7800gts, it just couldn't handle the amps.

You need a lot of AMPS for that card.  Don't get stuck on reading into the watts....MAKE SURE THE AMPS ARE WITHIN SPECS!!

I put a 650watt BFG(not my favorite, but was only one at the time I could get my hands on that met the amp rating) and all problems were cured.

If you are going to spend a couple hundred on a video card, you might as well spend for a decent power supply, considering the PSU is probably the single most important part in your pc.

Put a crappy PSU in tower with great parts, and you will end up with a crappy/unstable pc.   Plus, by saving maybe $75, you chance blowing up every part in your pc.

Please don't disrespect such a fine video card with a crappy psu.

Would you put Pep Boys tires on a Ferrari?

Edit: Plus, there is nothing like finishing up a build, having it all nice and neat with wire ties and all, only to have to tear the entire thing apart...IMHO, what ever PSU you think you need, go bigger.  You may need it in the future, and having too big a power supply will never hurt, but having too small will cause headaches.

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If you have pair of 7600gt's in sli, you really don't need a lot of power....id aim for something around 500w unless you have like 15 hard drives or something as crazy as that.....I ran a pair of 7800gt's on a 520w power supply, but its one of those expensive power supplies that will indeed supply that much power (at least)....

Go with a well known brand, and if you want something that will last you Id expect to pay in range off 60-100 for a 500w psu




Don't settle for a cheap power supply....without it you really dont have a good system

I personally lean not towards antec, but towards FSP, OCZ and PcPower and Cooling power supplies since they have never let me down, but they are a lot more than $100

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im runnin 4200+ and 8800gts on 500W /w 17+17A

leaves some room for OC also.

proc from 2.2 to 2.6 and card from 500/800 to 650/1050 =] (2100 DDR)

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I realize that the first PSU I was looking at (the cheapest) has no pci-e connectors, could that be a problem? It has the required wattage (550) but I don't know how to interpret the Amperage correctly, not knowing what connector goes where. Frankly, I don't mind going for the most expensive one, but I don't think that I need the 700W. Too bad I can't order from newegg.

Voltageman, I'm not going for a 8800 or anything that high end, only a 7600 which is about 3x cheaper and consumes 2x less power. Of course, if in doubt, I still might go for the expensive one.

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