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Problem with my video card.


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Well I posted a while back about which graphic card I should get for my AGP motherboard.

and I wound up getting a BFG geforce 7600 GS OC 512 Gddr2 Ram, now the card itself dosnt seem to have many problems but as soon as I installed the nvidia drivers etc my system idle process in my processes jump from maxing at aroudn 5-10, to 84%, which makes it impossible for me to play almost any game without lag anyways. I dunno how to fix it.Here are the specs of my comp.

Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz with hyperthreading.

1gig of ddr2 ram

A 400gb sata 2 drive.

Pretty much all you need to know, currently attempting to download other drivers for it, but I doubt it will help. Let me know what I should do =/

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Actually it is normal for your System Idle Process to be consistently around 85-95%, that means the CPU is waiting for something to do. It is when that number is lower is when your system is bogging down. So, if your System Idle Process is in the high 80's to 90's that is a good thing. Is your new video card working at all or does it give you an error in device manager. If it shoulds that all is well in Device manager and you don't experience any lag or stutter in the video I would leave the Drivers alone.

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Well i guess that parts fine if theres nothing wrong with the system idle, but my cpu keeps randomly getting used up to 100% for no reason, I checked and some people have been having problems opening media files with this card, mine works for video cards but my computer lags like mad now that it's in, and really not something I'd expect considering I upgraded from intel extreme graphics. I don't know why it's making my computer so slow, currently installing omega drivers, and nforce chip set for my mother board.

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Well, when your CPU lags like that look at the task manager and watch to see which processes are in use. hopefully that will help narrow it down. But, System idle should always be high, it is is the system idle task: it measures how much idle capacity the CPU has at any given time. The process runs in the background and constantly monitors processing bandwidth, occupied memory and the Windows virtual paging file. from wikipedia.

it is possible that the drivers are conflicting with other processes that you have running as well. You may have to go to Control Panel and remove any software that your old video card had installed, it is possible that the computer is confused on which video adapter should be in use.

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I would stay away from the omega drivers from nvidia.. The last time I check they stopped producing the Nvidia drivers for some reason. 

Those drivers never worked right for me...Everytime I went into a game, everything got all wacky.  :idiot2:


This tool is good for removing the video drivers completely.


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Just did a test. Nvidia driver 93.71,Video cards set to 470/1201 using Rivatuner

3Dmarks06 Total-7336/SM2.0-3229/SM3.0-3133/Cpu-2038

Tweaksrus drivers 32bit Xtreme G Driver-97.44.Video cards set to 470/1201 using Rivatuner

3Dmarks06  Total-7370/SM2.0-3231/Sm3.0-3166/Cpu-2042

Like I said early you will get a slight gain in performance.  Remember these are benchmarks not the real world.

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Part 2  Had to remove Tweaksrus 97.44 drivers did not play nice with one of my games online.

Install Tweaksrus 93.81 drivers.now everything is alright.

Tweaksrus 93.81 video cards set at 470/1201 with Rivatuner

3Dmarks06 Total 7349 /SM2.0- 3228/SM3.0-3150/Cpu-2037

Did a test without Rivatuner with the Tweaksrus 93.81 drivers[470/1100] and got

3Dmarks06 Total 7256/SM2.0-3194/SM3.0-3064/Cpu-2059

As you can see I got a lot more from overclocking the video card memory than the third party drivers.

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