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2nd Display X1900XTX


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Hello, i am having trouble enabling tv-out with an s video cable to my tv with the x1900xtx, i have not yet since ive owned it got it to work. i just wanna have my desktop on and have the desktop extended to my tv with an s-video cable for movies. im not sure if i am doing something wrong with the ati software or not?

lil bit of help would be HIGHLY appreciated, thanks again.

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I dont think that the standard S-Video cable will work.  From my really old 64mb ATI Radeon to my 9600 Pro, I have never been able to use a standard S-Video cable.  I believe the pin out is different.  From what what I remember the ATIs require a 7 pin 'Enhanced' S-Video cable.

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so when you boot the computer you can see an image on the tv that you are trying to use?  The think that I am talking about is the pinout of the actual cable..


That is the standard S-Video cable.

What you need is a 7 pin cable...  ATI uses a 7 pin interface because at the same time you can run s-video or HD via composite from that connection..


You need the one on the left.  They sell 7 pin to 4 pin cables.  They also sell adapters at Radioshack.

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i appreciate your help swimmer, its crazy been screwing with this for weeks, and its solved

i had the 7 pin already and had it plugged in, what i had to end up doing was unplug the dvi, and boot with windows to my tv, then plug in the dvi, and do it like that

this topic can be closed or what not, im all good now

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