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More snow to colorado


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That reminds me of the year (1976 I believe) when I was working at a catering shop at the airport. We put meals on planes. Well we got hit by a real bad snow storm like never before. I got stuck not being "allowed" to go home. No one could make it in. They even put me up in a motel just so I would stay. 3 days of straight overtime at 16 hrs a day. $$$$$$$$ Nice payday the next week. Glad they made me stay. And we did very little work waiting on the airlines.  :evil6:

Same here.  :wink:

Was it in time for christmas?  :cheesy:

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Yeah. and now it wants to ruin New Years Eve. But your ski industry should be happy. Real snow this year.  :smitten:

One of these days folks will figure not to go through Denver at this time of year. I wonder how many took a cab snowmobile. Or dog sled.  :evil6:

Hell..during the storm I was wishing I had a snowmobile lol, my camaro has been stuck in my driveway for over a week now and its really starting to bug me, because I can start it up and hear it but can't go have any fun  :cry2:

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I missed that one. I don't watch much T.V. I'm on here too much.  :shock:

lol the guy is stuck in a pet store and his girlfriend says she has bud light there after he says he is stuck there for the night and after she says that he hooks all the little pets up to a dogsled lol its pretty funny.

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Steal the neighbors sled and kidnap a bunch of dogs.  :evil6:

Start a delivery service. You could make a bunch $$$$$ delivering hooch for new years eve parties.  :azn:

Must be what he did, those do not look like Huskies.  :cool2:

Pretty good Tommie, delivering hooch with a team of pooch es.  :2funny:

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I'll just stay here north of Buffalo, NY, a cool 51 degrees right now. If it dries out I may have to cut the lawn again. No hurricanes, no tornadoes, only used my snowblower 3 times last winter and most of all no naked guys on skis around here.

[move] Warning                Don't eat the yellow Snow [/move] 

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