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When I log, in the bar with the selections: Home, Download Tests etc.it is always black, this makes it difficult to read.

I click on Theme and change it to blue, which is fine, and I also went into the Theme list and selected blue, and clicked on "use it". That works ok for the session, but when I log off and return later, the bar is back to black, and I have to go do it all over.

Is there any way to make the blue selection the default?

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I believe that forum color is either set via cookie.  You want to change your cookie settings to keep the cookies until they expire.  My guess is that your settings right now only keep them for the session.  I will try and track down the cookie that controls this function.

Alright I found the cookie..  It is called theme, go figure right..  It expires one month from when it is sent to the user.  I would check the settings that you are using for cookie control.

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take a screenshot next time this happens so I can see what it looks like.  I'll look into it and make sure that it's not a system wide problem, though I haven't heard about anyone having any problems with the menu and I've personally seen it on at least 20 different computers and haven't had a single problem.  With the default theme the menu is supposed to be black with medium/dark gray lettering, the lettering changes to white and a blue underline happens on mouse over.  When you have the problem are you able to mouse over the menu items and do they change?  Or does the text appear to be completely nonexistent?

Since nobody else has had a problem I'm pretty sure it's a problem with your browser or something (and with the high volume of traffic this site gets we would have for sure had many other reports if it was otherwise)... but whatever the case we'll get to the bottom of it :)

... exactly 24 hours till the new year!  WOOT!

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Cleaning cookies every session? Sounds a bit much. Does it really help?  [nerdly]

Mine never changed any on that end except having to relog-in every time I turned around.  :?

its a good thing to clean them every month or so just to get rid of some old stuff that might be hanging around from a few bad sites.

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