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Sonic Uninstall!


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I now have Ashampoo, so I attempt to delete this Sonic folder after unintsalling (tried to uninstall) Sonic Record but I couldn't.  I kept getting warnings about how it could make programs not work or whatever (you know what  I mean), which I ignored, hoping System Restore would save me if I needed it, but Unlocker couldn't even delete the folder on boot.    I used RegSeeker to find Sonic entries and it found 89 and that really freaked me out. I was going to backup the registry anyway, especially since I wasn't able to delete the folder but when I saw all the entries I just backed out and left them.  Problem is, all the dlls you see that start with ms are MS files. I've enclosed an example of those dlls that I'm concerned about.  Could I delete all but those files or should I just not worry about it since sonic isn't really hurting anything and I have a ton of disk space anyway? The reason I ran the unistall was because I opened it to see what it looked like compared to Ashampoo and it started nagging me about upgrading, which ticked me off. I had forgot that it always did do that.



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Alright if I remember correctly..  Sonic Record Now is used for the Windows XP burning solution that allows you to drag files to the drive then write them to a cd.  Therefore I dont think it is possible to uninstall it all of the way.  I dont have an xp machine in front of me at the moment.

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