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Happy New Year - 2007 - Best Wishes To All

Guest jeffwalker9999

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Guest jeffwalker9999

:grin: To One And All _______ Happy New Year  !   :smitten:


[glow=orange,2,300] Please post your City & State In Reply(s) [/glow]

Las Vegas, Nevada ( Sin City )


2006 was a ok year but lots of stuff happened:

Had to place a loved one into an nursing home as the loved one got dementia

and could not cope with it and got very mean.

I had to again start chemo for my cancer 

I had to move into a group home, having effects of my numberous medical problems.

( a cool web site to keep medical records and for free is www.lifeclinic.com - check it out ) 

In Sept 2006, I got placed on HUD Sec 8 Housing and got approved

and in January 2007 will be able again to live on my own.

2007 has to be a better year !

:smitten:  :smitten:

Again -- To One And All - Happy New Year !

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Hi Jeff...Happy New Year to you too!  :icon_king:I'm in Scottsdale, AZ...have been for 12 years now as of Jan. 7th, 2007. It's been a pretty good year here. Just lately have truly enjoyed family coming to visit in two 'waves'. We had a lot of fun. I have some plans for Feb. travel m'self. Here's hoping you have a good year!! :smitten:

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Happy New Year to grandpa and all...Huge Happiness at just staying at tonight and listening to a couple new 'sides'. Brian Wilson's 'Smile' album for one, and the mix-mash by original producer for Beatles..the 'Love' albom..well done all...if you're reading this, you also made it through 2006 Cheers to us all.

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