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Halo 2 hosting issues XBL network junkies R welcome


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well, my speeds are great. testing on speakeasy.net/speedtest my speed for every testsite except seattle is atleast 9000+/1024+ with bursts being to the upper teens and low 20's in dallas and chicago, today i hosted a game with me and one other guy and we were it yellow bar the whole game(my guess would be a 200ms lat) my connection to xbox live is great, almost perfect lat:58(63) packets: 25/25 my NAT is open. i rarely get host, and according to blunted a 1mbps upload should host a 12 person game with perfect green bar(60ms> latency) and yet i can't host 1 person w/o screwed up lag(on their end) and i hosted 5 different people with the same results. i rarely get host in optimatch when i do peoples connections fluctuate crazily, rarely do i have more than 3 people with perfect green bar, most are yellow and red(500ms< latency)

can anyone help?

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