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WildBlue LAG!


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I got wildblue because, i thought it was faster than dial-up...i was wrong...I use my internet to play games like RuneScape, wildblue was always really fast and then all of a sudden it started to lag really bad, i think it started around November, ever scince then i cant play RuneScape because it keeps displaying  "Connection Lost, Please Wait" i was wondering if anyone could give me some help telling me how to make it better, or telling me what happened.

Also, i have run countless spyware/virus scans.

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:grin2: i called into customer care and mentioned the firmware update and how it started lagging on that date and they are going to talk to the people in charge and tell them that the update didn't help...and it acctually slowed things down..she ran some pings from my modem and said that there was an 80% ping loss, so im hoping that they will do something about the problem, i should know in 1-2 hours while they think of excuses. :laugh:
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Don't forget that a satelite signal has to travel 22,??? miles up into the sky and back, so that is where part of the lag comes from. And you know they will have some pretty decent excuses for you. Good luck with it.

Everyone with Wildblue has been having serious lag issues since the firmware update in November. So, I don't think he's getting the 700ms pings and complaining.

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