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Disabled TurboPage, DW6000, Telstra Australia


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I am currently visiting a relative that has a 2 way satellite connection using the DirecWay (Hughes?) modem DW6000.

From what I read, there is usually a "TurboPage" enabled which sounds like some sort of smart proxy. I have found an advanced configuration page that lets me see that this feature IS disabled, but I can't find any information on how it should be configured.

Are there any other Telstra Australia users that have this setup configured on, or is this option just not available in Australia?

Below is roughly what the configuration looks like...


Switch TurboPage Server:

x Use Current TurboPage Server

o Auto Select TurboPage Server

x Use TurboPage Server configured below:

      IP Address

      Port Number

Turbo Page Advanced Configuration is disabled


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"Advanced" turbo page config is always disabled.  As long as it's set to "auto select", your turbo page should be working.

You are right about it being a proxy, but it serves another purpose.  A normal proxy would just connect you to a web site or network, while the Hughes Web Accelerator (turbo page) actually downloads and stores the page for you, then zips it up like a zip file and downloads it to your modem.  Then the modem "unzips" it back into a normal web page and sends it to your computer.  It's a bit more complicated than that, but thats the jist of it.

The is necessary because of the latency involved with Satellite (500ms+).  If your browser had to download each little part of the website seperately, it could take a very long time to browse the web.  You might notice this effect when you see advertisements on web pages, because they often are the last thing to load on a web page when using Hughes.  This is because it's pulling the "gif" file, or the flash advertisement from another site.  So it has to connect to that site, bundle the file, download it to your modem, ect....

So instead of taking 500ms+ to download each part of a web page, it takes about 2 seconds to "burst" the whole page down to your browser.

Secure sites cannot go through this proxy because of the encryption involved.  Therefore secure sites load really slowly.  So withough "turbo page", browsing would be worse than dialup.....much much much worse...

Im starting to think I know way to much about this crap...... [geek]

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Thanks Bird Fan, ghostmaster and tommie.

No, they're not having any other problems. I was just trying to make sure that I'd done everything I possibly could to reduce latency issues. It does seem to be behaving exactly as you've described, which I guess is good!

So here's a follow up question. If I have advertisements and ad downloading blocked in Mozilla, does the proxy still actually download all that stuff, then my machine just "loses" it on the local request to the modem? I suppose I could contrive some sort of test for that, you can time things with 500ms latency with a stop watch :-)

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