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SP2 Long boot time


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Okay...as I have never had this problem before, I really do not know where to start - I was always on SP1 and never had any problems, booting up was almost instantly as I have multiple hard drive raid 0 set up....

Just last week I decided to upgrade to SP2 and B@M there it hit me....My boot time is same, but when I click the user name on which I want to log in the system just halts there for a very long time, a minute ? 2 minutes ? ....

What is up with this ? ...this is completely new to me ? ...im clear of trojans/spyware/viruses....I do that stuff on regular basis, as well as defrag....

....im confused !?  :idiot2:

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Guest jeffwalker9999


as others have said-- turn off the non-needed apps that are starting up on boot time

"msconfig" or via software  :shock:http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml (( startup control panel ))

:idea: also you can do a services.msc

and (( blackviper --a professional pc nerd and hacker- what ever happened to him ?? ))

http://www.majorgeeks.com/page.php?id=12 has a very good list of services that you can turn on/off

this list and correct settings can/does makes a good difference on how fast the pc boots

(( Notes -- Disabling all of the "unneeded services" frees up 12-70MB of RAM, depending on system. ))

(( Safe settings work very good from hands on experence - jeff w )) 

good luck on a fix


Jeff Walker In Sin City

Las Vegas Nevada

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