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Need some member feedback please.


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Alright I have about 140 DVDs in my collection. All new titles, all with the original case in superb condition and if they were sold with a sleeve they have that too also in superb condition. All the DVDs are in mint condition. I have box sets and regular DVDs. I am planing to sell them off, I have several options and one is a on line retailer that buys them.



http://www.santabarbara.bbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Business/CompanyReportPage_Expository.aspx?CompanyID=584300 This is the better business bureau report for the second site and it is good, the first site has a good report too but I am still afraid to send them my DVDs. Have any of you had any dealings with any of these? If so please tell me your experience. Thank you.

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Personally shug I feel you are making 2 mistakes. One dealing online and expecting justice. (go ebay, you should get more.) Or a pawn shop. At least you will be dealing with real people. Newspaper?

Second believing the hype that BBB means crap. It doesn't mean shit. Believe me. They asked me once if I wanted to join them. I asked what did I do, and what do I get from them.

First response was we have not had any bad news on you so you must be clean.  :wtf: That is it, no one has called the BBB so I must be all right? How many people really call them before a lawyer anyway. Not me. Although I did have to talk to a lawyer or 2.

So my next questin was, "Does it cost to join?" It was like $350 a year (back in 1994). I told them to shove it.  :321: But sir we have costs to run this place.  :flipa: Sir do you realize what an opportunity you are passing up?  :thefinger:

My thoughts on the BBB.

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thats good, now you will just get stuck with some ridiculous ebay fee, hope it goes well tho.

Yea better a fee than losing all my dvds or taking them to Hastings and getting back door raped. I am going to trade my ps2 in to Hastings though. They actually give me more in store credit than I can get cash even on ebay. The ps2 money is capping off my PS3 fund.... hopefully.
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