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download/upload cap


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Do you have a program that will tell you how much bandwidth your xbox is using?

the network magic will do it if your router supports UPNP and if it doesnt you have to use windows ICS and have your computer track it

ras stats and graph is 1 and network magic with the speedmeter pro add on is the other and i have both on my ftp


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that was with hosting from 12 to 16 man games and a few that i didnt host but if you host them all just add a few hundred MB's on to that.  you also have to remember these games i host are pushing from 1 mb upload to about 1.8 mb upload so if your not doing that its gonna be less than what i showed and if your just playing and no hosting its gonna be less than 25% of what i showed.

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well most games that i play are 14 to 16 man and they all use more than a T-1 when i get host so it adds up quick.  when i used to host 3 to 4 16 man servers i almost hit 1 TB per month sometimes  :o :o :shock: :shock:

:shock: :shock:

1tb is alot, but then yet i used 400gb on a 32man bf2 server in 12hrs lol

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