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lil trouble, need help

Guest kamil234

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Guest kamil234

my anti virus is detecting a keylogger on my computer in windows/system32/driver/Ps2

i tried to look for the file and its not there, even after i see the hidden files.

and my anti virus doesnt terminate it since the "terminate" button os shaded out..

anyone knows how to fix it?

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I use a program called "ID Bank", which stores all your sensitive account numbers/passwords/etc.  It stores the data in a file specific to that program, and you can password protect the file, so even if someone got into your pc, they would still need the password for the password file to gain access to your sensitive data.

It also eliminates the need to type out your data..You just copy/paste with the program, and the passwords are starred out, so even a screenshot will not give up your info.

This way, you never type your data...I am sure there are loggers that read the clipboard as well, but I'm pretty sure the majority just read keystrokes, and possibly take some screenshots.

http://www.rainbow-innov.co.uk/rnbw/content/id_bank.asp   :wink2:

I believe they have a 21 day trial...I've been using it for years now.  I have a floppy, cd, and a flash drive with my password file on it, so I will never lose the account info and passwords.

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