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Which LCD should I get


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Thanks people, They appear to be good, but after reading the comments, I think I'll stick w/ a CRT. At least until they can resolve the angle of viewable degree.  :smile2:

Yep, CTR to the end for me. I have tons of space. If not I will build a bigger one. I know I have some sheets of plywood here somewhere.  :evil6: I love my Samsung CRT. The will have to stop making them to stop me. And then I will rush out and buy a good one.  :grin2: I remember when they eliminated 8 tracks. You could pick up a new one in the store for $5. The lines were long.  :cheesy:

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do you really look at your screen from an angle ? ......

Ya never know :evil6: :evil6: :evil6:

are you ever going to use it at more then 160 degrees

" head movements of an inch or two change the appearance of the color saturation levels on screen."

I read this on one of the comments . This as well as a few other comments such as "not much difference than a CRT", Kills it for me. I guess as Tommie said, "i have enough room".And I wait a bit , I mean to say , I'm a bit conservative w/ money.I would rather wait for something astonishing, something really badass :) Not just another product, I dont care if it cost five hundred, If the thing performed , I'd get it:)

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Well it turns out that my mom had some Dell coupons from her business so I ended up getting the Dell for $282 shipped which seems like a good deal for me. Now I just cant wait for it to get here

sorry to hijack your thread :)

Let us know how this LCD works out for you, as I have the"Dell e153fpf" strictly for a office box, it works well. Maybe I should move it temporarily , just to see what she looks like , this will give me a perspective on general appearance , during gaming :)

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