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Tommie vs Dlewis


Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Tommie
    • Dlewis

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Im gonna go with tommie, why? I dunno, maybe its because each time I see a post of his, It allways makes me laugh.

Please note, I think "loki123" might be Tommies PR agent :undecided:

Joking aside, both are great spammers members of TMN forum ,

and much apreaciated , well by me anyway, :evil6:

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I was taught well by shug. He told me once it was ok to be a joker.  :2funny:

Nah, really it is how I believe life should be looked at. When they teach children in school what is the most important key. It had better be fun to keep their attention.  :knuppel2: So why not a little  :2funny: now and then?

And I am usually on topic,  :evil6: really.  :wink:

And this is a learning site, isn't it?? And one of the best I might add. If it had not been for CA3LE, none of us would even be here. Thanks big guy.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :notworthy:

But dlewis is still the bigger spammer.  :twisted:

If it were really a race, he would probably win. I have no comp at work. And there is no goal to reach, so what are we racing to?  :lost: And what do I win  :?:  :?:

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Us noobie really appreciate yours  [and Dlewis] help. :afro:  If it was not for you guys us noobies would be broke paying someone to fix all the ours computers mistakes .

Hey, I was about as noobie as they come when I arrived. So the help came before I even arrived. I am just passing it on in my own style.  :notworthy:

And their are much more knowledgeable folks than myself. I am just there a lot to do what I can, or pass it on to someone else. It is all of the people here who fix things. I don't think there is anyone here who has not asked for help at one time or another. No one:grin2:

Dlewis had a youngun?

Where is my damned cigar?? And what was it??  :smiley6600: I so hope it looks like it's mother.  :smile2:

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Oh we don't want Teddy anymore, not if you don't have any use for it anymore. Now once again what is up with Lewis's kid? We will just find some new dirt on you, shug sells out cheap.  :wink:

Oh lordy what's it gonna be next?  :haha:

No telling with Ryan and shug.  :confused2: Probably shug and his Barbie dolls.  :lol:

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