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I spent all day on this thing and don't know what else to do - Please Help!!!


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it's a nikon 3200 coolpix I have had for a couple of years..it takes superb still pictures but has allways had a clicking sound in background..I have a new Canon SD500 7.1pixel that makes superb movies but I think the old Nikon makes better still pictures..I have a 'hobby' picture board if interested..


also I discovered this morning HughesNet (the ol DirectWav) has it's OWN testing site for speed..URL address can be seen in pitcutre in browser..


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Bottom line is everyday they are improving electronics, modems, phones, all kinds of gadgets...

so, I suggest making do with whatever you have for as long as you can stand it..

then get the latest thing on the market..and be content with it for a few years..then, by then, your 2 or 3 year old stuff will be a 'dinosaur'.. :smile2:

wash ,rinse, repeat..

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case in point..

my state-of- the- art Dell computer that's 2 years old is already 'out of date' compared to what's out there now..I did bite the bullet and bought a GForce graphics upgrade card..$160..and added 1 gig of ram stick but that's all I'm putting in it for awhile..

next computer I get will be a dual core processor type computer

that's 'HOT' right now..much faster..already..

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one more case in point while I'm on here..I know these well off retired couple..(own a couple of Subway sandwich franchises, etc)..they GAVE ME their 2 year old 57" HDTV Hitachi because SHE decided she didn't want the big as a piano thing and wanted a plasma TV to hang on the wall..


I'll take it!..

sure beats my 25" Phillips I was watching..LOL..

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I hear ya.. :haha:

I'm nearing 55 and for years and years I avoided 'rich' people like the plague..

mainly because what few I had briefly met they were all 'snooty'..

but if you ever become a genuine friend to some..wow..

they can pull strings for you in the job place, give you a job,

or in my case, give me their 'junk'..LOL..

One rich man's junk?, is for sure, a poor man's TREASURE! :wink:

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