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I don't know where exactly I should be posting this, or even if I should post this on this website, but currently I have a friend who has FiOS who is experiencing lag spikes about every 3-10 secs. This not only happens on the computer, but the laptop and 360.  While playing ANY video game when watching my ping it jumps from about 20 to 180 then back down to 20. I realize that 180 isn't bad but I still jump around on the screen.  Same also goes with downloading things, downloads will pause periodicly, and streaming video or music. We have replaced every wire and switched out the router. We have tried pinging and no packets are being lost. We took everything over to a friends house about 10 houses down the street with FiOS also and everything works fine. We have talked to about every Verizon tech support guy and about all of them are idiots. Any ideas?

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If you neighbors works fine, I would say it is most likely a problem at your house, possibly with the fiber line coming into the house.

Were you in an area where they had the bad ice?

I know that with the fiber loop coming into the house, it has to be looped properly(can't have too tight of a loop), or you will get problems similar to what you are describing..

I know you may not like the techs, but you probably are best off having them just come to the house, and check it out there.

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They have come to the house... They can't resolve the problem and they refuse to say that it is a physical problem because they would be able to detect it from Verizon. and no we have had a S#!t load of rain recently... My friend has had FiOS for about a couple months and it just randomly started doing this about a month ago. He did not add any new hardware or edit any internet settings. Could you give me more on the loop? We havn't checked anything with the box outside. So It might be something with the box or water damage.

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Could you give me more on the loop? We havn't checked anything with the box outside. So It might be something with the box or water damage.

I'm not sure what the exact specs are, but if the turns are too tight(loop is too tight), the light has problems making the turns.  I guess it is sort of like when you kink a garden hose..

I've had Fios over year, and I personally haven't had 1 problem yet(router crashed once)...Perhaps water got in the lines somewhere along the way...But, most verizon lines have dehydrated air running through them(not sure about the fiber though) in order to keep the water out...(I used to fix the chillers for their air dryers)

Best thing you can do, is take speed tests/ping tests/etc, and save all the info(screenshots, etc).

If problem persists, call back verizon, and tell them you have collected info about the situation, and see if they will look into it further.

Also, ask the tech if there is a firmware update for the router.  There were some problems with the d-link routers keeping up.  But, I think they have been using a different router now on installs...

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