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having trouble with tests


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this past wk when trying to run spd tests the first 2 screens fly by the i go to a blank page where it looks like my results are trying to connect but it never does. it happens on server 1&2 but if i use one of the test mirrors the testing works fine. can anyone help? i never had this problem in the past and the only thing i've changed is an upgrade to mcafee 2007 thru my isp, comcast.net. any help would be appreciated

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for more accurate results and performance out of your computer, use AVG.. they have always worked fine for me... but i'm sure either dlewis or swimmer will have a solution for you.. maybe someone else =)

btw-- mcafee has always slowed down my pc.. that is why i dont use it :cool:


Welcome to the forum dnuge    :wave::welcome:  I have heard McAfee works for others on here. But I prefer the free AVG like Tim up there.  :wink2: It gives much better speeds.  :grin2:

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dnuge try this test http://www.testmy.net/tools/test/d_load.php?&st=st&tt=1&ta=1&top=000&out_src=20MB

but clear your cache before you test. also what browser are you using?

yes that test worked with my firewall and AV enabled. i am using IE7 but had run tests in the past with this browser and they worked. the firewall and AV are Mcafee which i get for free with my comcast ISP
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