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kind of a noob question, which one is my upstream bandwidth?


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i think that needs clarification, no?

363 kbps means you have a bandwidth of 363000 bits per second.

44 kB/s means that you are uploading at 44 kilobytes per second.

the 44 kB/s is calculated by dividing the 363000 bps by 8

(one byte is 8 bit)

and then by 1024

(since the kilo in kilobytes is actually a misnomer. it is binary 11111111111 which is decimal 1024. that is why one megabyte is 1048576 bytes. it is 1024 times 1024 bytes)

if you aren't totally confused yet, let me know. i'll come up with something else.

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Think of it this way, when a ISP states your expected speed they generally talk in Kbps. So if your upload is advertised at 512kbps then you are at about 70% of your advertised speed. Like Ryan said they are both the same speeds just different ways to measure, kinda like MPH and KPH.

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