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I was online, and got a popup just as i clicked.  it took me to some non-english site and i closed it as soon as i could.

now, every time i go online, iexplorer is still running in my task manager.  most times twice.

when i try to close them through the process viewer, OPENMA~1.exe runs for a second and then the 2 iexplorer's are opened again.

Anyone know how to get rid of this annoyance?  there are other ppl that use this machine at times and they arent exactly "net litterate".  Kinda scared they might click on the wrong thing if/when another popup comes up.

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so far I've found a pre-fetch for openma~1.exe and extra~1.exe

both deleted easily.

also had to get rid of New Math from the application data.  to do this i renamed it New Math1 ( it wouldnt let me straight delete it ).

no more iexplorer's are opening and staying open, adaware is clear, norton is clear, and PC-Cillin at Trendmicro.com is looking good.

i guess someone downloaded a passworded .rar that told yoo to go to this website ( grr :evil2: :evil2: ) ...

also my firewall (sygate) is tellin me i'm getting port scanned out the bum by  Some place in Amsterdam.. dunno if its related, just seems to coincide at a bad time.

Any ideas on why someone would port scan / active response me this much would be great  :?

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lol  hit f8 on startup, safemode with networking (i'll add that for others reading this message [safe with netwoking still allows access to the net])

but no i didnt run in safe mode.  just in standard mode.  will try again later.  and thx for the link.  I love scanners that pick up stuff the ones i use now dont :-)

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