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Please Help....Installing new hard drive


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Guest jeffwalker9999

I am trying to install new hard drive and it keeps saying NTLDR is missing press control+alt+del to restart.  I can't figure out what is wrong

Oh No

That normally means that the os is corrupt and will have to reinstall the os

and you more than likely will have to format the drive again


Make sure you are using the harddrives manuf disc util to install and format

the drive - or can get wrong drive size values

Maxstor , WD , Others need to be installed via maunfs setup cd-rom disc

Hope this helps and oh boy have fun reinstalling the os and all of your software applications

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not necessarily that the o/s is corrupt....it can also point to the problem such as computer not knowing which hard drive to boot from which is basically saying that it does not know where your operating system is located

put an additional hard drive in your system ? replace the one that failed ?

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assuming that is the only hard drive in your computer......you have to go into BIOS and set CD-ROM/DVD-ROM as your primary boot device (usually located under the first category in bios menu)......then when computer is starting up it will say something like press any key to boot from cd rom (have the operating system cd rom in your drive) and follow the steps it tells you to....

on most systems you go into BIOS by pressing DELETE, F10, F8 or F9 key

if you are not installing the operating system on it for the first time, meaning: if you are adding an additional hard drive to a computer which already has operating systems installed on it, let us know

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I don't think it does because it just shows "hard drive" if I am not mistaken it should show the details of the new hard drive too. Right? 

Hi Keith ,

Yeah, it should , I think this maybe the problem ,  go into the bios (f2 , delete ,f8 etc , you may see which one on start up ( press ** for settings )

scroll down to settings for h/d , it should be on auto detect , if not hit enter button .  and change it , if all is ok there , check boot sequence , try setting

1st floppy, 2nd cd, 3rd h/d save and exit , if this fails

it's  back to basics time ,

start again , take out thr new hard drive , check all the cable connections on the way , have you any instructions that came with it , regarding jumper settings  etc. it should plug and play though, if no luck after doing that can you put back the old hard drive , and run ok with that ? , was H/d change an upgrade or did the old drive fail ?

the last possibility is you have a u/s new hard drive , but unlikely in my opinion .,

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