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Post your speed from Smart Bro (wi fi)

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no. what i meant was you still can improve the connection speed of your sister by using TCP Opti  :smiley:

yes i understand. but i live somewhere else. besides, she's not so much into speed. just as long as she can do the usual stuffs (fster, blogs... ) she's fine. i have 2 lines in my home office so i could use the spare (fax) line for pldtdsl. ...

...or maybe not (when she called me to ask for download suggestions, we stayed on the line while i instructed her. i noticed my page loads faster than hers. i haven't made any tweaks on my browser but hers seems to load slower by a second or two. Her b/new DELL is souped up to the max compared to my PC. We tried opening several websites, mine always finishes first. same with youtube vidz. ...i dunno...) 




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if i remember right, you're also from pque, right? i also got the same average (and lower) as yours at the beginning of this year. i disabled all my tweaks (i don't use proxies) and somehow it got better. <as seen in my score database under my comp ID (i do my speed tests before i log in)>

if you aint the person i'm refering to, pls ignore this. :cool2:

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