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Post your speed from Smart Bro (wi fi)


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I am wondering if those 12000+ speeds are real.  Guys, is it consistent? Like you get those speed say 5 consecutive bandwidth tests?

well.. ok...it aint that consistent (depends on how you define it) but c'mon...

just check out misc tools>score database>username (sven/CB) or their comp IDs :grin2:

so far so good.


you're living up to your name...  :icon_thumright:

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Mine as of January 30, 2008 12:00 AM-1:00 AM:


above, proxy off


above, proxy ON: proxy[dot]smartbro[dot]net

By the way, my speed won't be this, fast, thanks to coolbuster's CableNut settings!

The speed above, after the update of my Canopy Software, yesterday or 2 days ago.

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Anyway, I checked out coolbuster's wonderful blog, and I loved the idea of creating or merging applications which will make a SMARTBro subscriber's connection faster.

Question, how can we have it? Downloadable version? CD? How? How can we pay? PM me, can you give me something like a teaser for it?

my apology, pressing work schedules prevented me from replying to this post of yours.

thank you for the compliments. as i posted before, it is proper to read my blog for FDC updates. advertising something is against tmn forum rules. i hope for your kind understanding.


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yeah, it start out at 30, then 80, then 120kB/s. i only posted the hi points (it got stuck there w/c made me take snapshots... waited for a while if ever it goes down..80, 50 and up again for minutes. i thought IDMs were suppose to be that way since it's clustered? that one slot is consistent, i can't take snaps of the others w/c keeps on disconnecting. (no pause in between coz i use my other pc for work and i leave it and come back often to check)

beginning (same file)


end (same file)


question.. how come your IDM snapshot isn't aligned?





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