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Post your speed from Smart Bro (wi fi)


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but this the speed I got after setting a static ip I can also download file in download accelerator plus at 100kb/s.


but my utorrent is on average 40-50 kb/s how can we make the yellow triangle like CB has on his??? I have read some threads to other forums that we cannot but if you request you ISP to enable it they can... better call them  :knuppel2: :knuppel2: :knuppel2:

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I had the guys who installed my SmartBRO (way back in December 2006) come back and check things up, as my complaint since August 2007 was dismally low upload speeds. 

I was at work so I wasn't there to oversee what they did, they called me up after they did their work, they reported that they "reset" the connection / antenna.

However, as seen by my speed test, my Upload is still.... low, to say the least.  Download speed's ok, could be better, but I can live with that.  It's the upload that I'm really ticked off about.  And I'm always told that "maybe it's your base station at fault sir," every single time that I call *1888!


ah well. 

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wow! is that really a smart bro??

@ coolbuster

any additional info about FDC?? or any progress about the testing period??

before i got the results posted above, I attempted to stop testing FDC. the reason behind is my installation of Firefox 3 Beta 3, which i believe is faster than its previous version. unfortunately, FDC doesn't work with Firefox 3 Beta 3.

plus, my installation of Windows XP SP3 version 3282 has slowed down my speed. i found out later that it rolled back my half-open connections from 100 to 10. changed it again to 100 with tcpip patch, which is contrary to the belief that it does not work with SP3.

FDC is almost a month on test today. it started on January 23, 2008.  :smiley:

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