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Erratic Speeds Behavior

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So, so far I couldn't find help for this using google seeing as it's a hard issue to describe for the search engine.

Here's basically the problem...

I have a WRT54G v3.1 wireless Router with Thibor's firmware with all its extra nice stuff (note that I've had this problem before I started using thibor's firmware!)

And a WUSB54GS v1.0 wireless network adapter.

The router is across the hall from me, very close and my network adapter is stationed away from the computer and any such equipment.

The router is stashed in a little corner below my Dad's computer in the other room.

All software, firmware, etc is up to date.

Using Verizon FIOS on the 5 mbps speed.

The router is set to long preamble, with channel 8 with a beacon interval of 70 and everything else default. (problem occurs when both of these settings are defaulted as well.)

No other SSID exists on this channel.

And I don't have any firewalls, besides NAT and what the router provides.


Now here's my problem... In the Wireless Network Connection Status panel that you can get by clicking the lil' computer at the bottom of your screen (if you have wireless) or hover over it with your mouse, the speed changes.

The speed changes as in, one moment it can be the full 54 Mbps like it should, the next it will drop down to 5.5 Mbps and so on and so forth.

This gives me erratic network behavior, such as slow speeds intermentent lag, etc.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like...


As you can see, the signal strength is fine, but the speed is below what it should be, as I'm typing this it just jumped up back to 48 Mbps.

If anyone has a fix for this, whether it's the position of my router vs the position of my adapter (which the router is BELOW the adapter). Please tell me.


A few other things, can anyone please provide me with the 'Microsoft Given' WUSB54GS v1.0 adapter driver that you can only get by having an ethernet in the computer while the network adapter is in as well with the drivers uninstalled for the adapter. Pleasee send me a link for that.

The Microsoft version of the WUSB54GS driver provides more features such as the ability to control the Afterburners on the adapter, which if you use the right setting can give you a 3 Mbps jump in network speeds and faster loading of videos, etc.

Linksys doesn't provide those features with their drivers unfortunately. :


Oh yes, and sorry for the long post... I just wanted to make sure I got everything covered. :)

Thank you!

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