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Yeah, so basically, my ISP sucks


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Yeah, basically, they're terrible.  For those of you who have seen my previous posts about my ISP, you know they're bad, but they're getting a lot worse.

Here is an email I sent them earlier today (be sure to click the links, they have speed test results, I'm supposed to be getting 3/256):

Lately, I've been getting terrible internet speeds, regardless of when I test.  My downloads are slow, pages load like I'm on dial-up (partly because of low speed, partly because of packet loss), and my online games are lagging unbearbly.  Here are a bunch of tests I took these were on my wireless computer with consistent 100% signal strength (It never drops below 100%):

Both testmy.net servers are located in Dallas, TX

testmy.net server 1 test 1

testmy.net server 1 test 2

testmy.net server 2 test 1

testmy.net server 2 test 2

Speakeasy.net Dallas, TX server

DSLreports.com Atlanta, GA server

Just to make sure it wasn't my wireless router causing the problem, I took some tests on my hardwired computer.  Same thing:

testmy.net test 1 wired

testmy.net test 2 wired

Yes, the test results page from the wired test #2 took more than a minute to load because of packet loss (I was monitoring my network with the task manager while I tested).

Why are you providing such low quality Internet access when we're paying for 3 Mbps downstream?  Could you fix this please?

I suspect they'll give me the "up to" 3 Mbps response.  What should I do?

What's better?  That AT&T DSL I was hoping to get is not available at my current address!  Conwaycorp (my current ISP) is my only option.  They pretty much have a monopoly over my city and can do whatever they want with our Internet access.

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gotmilk I share your frustration , sorry I cant advise on Conway Corp

But I know what you mean by the "UP TO " bit , I have a DSL connection in the UK

With "UP TO 8Mb " estimated at least 5Mb. when I signed up for a year ,  But after much  :argue: they have reduced the price to my old 256Kb service  the best I have ever seen on this "UP TO 8Mb service " is

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Yeah, and they haven't even replied to my email yet.  I have a suspicion they won't even reply at all. :lol:

Hit them with the same email every day , if no luck, find a different address, just wear the ba***ards down, I did and finally got a tech by name, and he did the biz for me, he could not improve my speeds (line length and age ) but had the power to  adjust my bill ,  :thumbsup:, I found by being polite and keeping calm, made all the difference,  so thanks goes to my ISP PIPEX UK ,

BTW he was impressed by TMN speed test and forum ,  :Lil: he may even be a member now  ?


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