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Laptop overheating issues.


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I think i've looked for help in every possible place now, and even here, but I havent gotten an answer. I am going to try one more time to get an answer other than "Clean your computer off dust, buy a cooling pad...". Here is some background information on my issue with overheating of my laptop.

I purchased the laptop from ibuypower.com and here are the specs:

AMD athlon 3700+

1 gig ram

ati radeon 9700 pro

60 gb 7200 rpm hard drive

The problem was there since the beginning. Whenever i would play a game for longer periods of time, my computer would shut off. I started to suspect the graphics card, but after reinstalling windows, and not installing drivers for my processor, i found out it was the processor. Basically, not installing drivers meant my processor wouldnt use Cool n' quiet and would be "stuck" at 4x multiplier (200x4) which gave me a clock speed of 800 mhz. I started to wonder why i was lagging in games i never lagged in before, and why applications took longer to load, ect. I did a little reading and ran into a program called RM Clock (http://cpu.rightmark.org/products/rmclock.shtml). What the program does is regulate your FID and VID depending on your CPU load. For example, when the computer is idle, it uses minimum 4x multiplier, and while the computer is playing a game, it uses the maximum supplied fid (8x in my case). You might ask why I dont do this through the BIOS, its simple, I dont have any CPU options in my BIOS (overclocking/underclocking). I attached a screenshot of my RM clock profile settings along with the multiplier and voltage for each of the multipliers. These are the bare minimum settings before my PC freezes because of a low voltage. If they are higher, my PC shuts off.

If someone is wondering why I dont use the default processor drivers to control my multiplier's and voltage... its because if i do, after some time, it still shuts off.

Somebody at another forum told me that any laptop is capable (unless they don't have cooling at all) to be able to cool itself down enough with my processor. I am starting to think there is something physically wrong with the processor i.e. its not connected properly to cooling, or the processor itself is too much for the laptop.

What are my options? Other than the obvious clean the laptop, which i've done like 1005543 times, or buy a cooling pad, which I already have, one with 4 fans. I dont know what else I can do to cool it down, some1 suggested grease, but from the reviews im reading, it only helps cool it down about 5 degree's. New fans? I have 2 in the laptop right now, neither one of them seems to be broken, because there is a substantial amount of noise when Im doing something processor intensive.

Maybe somebody had the same issue as me? What did you do?

Any help is appreciated.. thanks  :?

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there is no reason for it. It should not be doing it. Its a new laptop, so dust is not a problem. It shouldn't be getting that hot. Give ibuypower a call and say  "look you got a problem here, it gets way to hot when i play games and shuts off, its a gaming notebook it should not do that no matter how long i play games for on it, fix it."

they need to take that notebook back and fix the problem. most likely a fan is either broken, stuck, or is just not throttling up when it needs to.

They will fix it if you complain enough.

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Here is what I would try...  First check and see if there are any firmware updates for the motherboard...  It could be possible that the motherboard's firmware is receiving faulty reading from the CPU socket temp sensor..  If there are not any firmware updates then call the manufacturer.  It could be not enough thermal paste or it could be a processor issues/poor design..  When the computer shuts off.. when you power it back up does it give you any error messages?

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obviously. but it was a chance at AMD bashing i couldn't pass up.

but back on topic, call them up asap and see to it that you at least lodge the complaint with them, make a note of date, time, customer service rep, get a service ticket number. you need to get the ball rolling before they try to drag it on until the warranty expires.

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Problem is according to the Ibuypower.com chat support, I cannot install a new bios withoutknowing my motherboard manufacturer, and I cant find that out because no programs can tell u who maufactured ur motherboard if u use a laptop, so i have to call them, and the "wait time" is 30 min.   

then get on the chat support again and tell them that you would like them to find out what you need, otherwise you want to immediately return the notebook for a full refund since it is not performing as it should. if they refuse tell them all further communications with them will be cc'ed to the better business bureau. (that is if you can still retuin it. i hope you can.)

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Go to lavalys.com and download the trial version of the

everest ultimate edition.  It will tell you everything about

your machine.  It does on my PC anyway.  I like the

idea of beating on them til they replace or fix it.  If they

don't then e-mail PC World. com and get them on their

case, they carry more weight than you.

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