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Hard drive space question


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I was wondering why the hard drive space avaliable on windows platforms always is lower (sometimes significantly) than the manifacturer's specs. For example, I have a 60 GB HD and windows only sees 55, even before OS installation. For my 250 GB HD, its even worse, I see 235 GB with absolutely nothing on the disk. I thought it could be the Master Table File, but that is only a few MB large I believe. So do you guys know why the entire space isn't recognised?

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It is the difference between what the manufacturer defines as a mb and what windows defines as a mb.. 

The manufactures say that 1 kb is 1000bytes.  However, windows defines 1 kb as 1024bytes.  So there is a small difference here.. but the bigger the drive size the more you "loose" to the math.


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Hmm, good point, thought the math was wrong at first but I had forgotten that 1 windows GB is (1024)^3 and not ^2 bytes. Who uses bytes anyways  :smiley:

Well, in case you're interested, I'l leave you guys the calculations I made.

(60-55.8 )/60 = 0,07 = 7%

Manufacturer's GB = 1 000 0000 000 bytes

Windows GB = 1 073 741 824 bytes

73 741 824/1 000 000 000 = 0,074 = 7,4%

The incertitude is probably due the the presence of only one kept decimal in the windows approximation.

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