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New Pc Build


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Congrats on the Wedding dude , enjoy  :icon_thumright:

Hers a bit on PS's Maybe you don't care to get to techie, but I can't just throw one in :)


And here seems to be a decent PS , if your not going to get to crazy gaming and HDD's


This one looks to be very cool ! I am A Zalman lover so  :smiley:


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The most hard part for me is finding a good powersupply i like to get aleast a 500, but i found this Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC ATX 430W Power Supply 115/230 V, but i think i need to go bigger. So what do you suggest?

I used to use Antec until one crapped out a day after the warranty expired. I bought a BFG Tech 650W, which has a Lifetime warranty!


Or here is the 800W one http://www.bfgtech.com/power_supply_800W.html

Congrats on your marriage.

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Guest kamil234

i'd go with 400W minimum.

and make sure it has enough amps on the v12 rail

antec and silverstone are good power supplies.

also i heard good things about OCZ gamxtreme or something like that.

i have a coolmax 500W PSu and im having no problems with it,

my comp:

amd 4200+ stock 2.2 running at 2.6ghz

2 gb ram ( 2x1gb)

evga 8800GTS

1 dvd/rw drive

1 250gb HDD

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Guest kamil234

amd 64 x2 4200+

2 GB ram pc-4200 (dont feel like checking, i think so tho)


i tried to run the proc at 2.650 but my ram keeps crashing. lol

i wish i can lower ram and bring my fsb up to run in 1:1 ratio but my bios is locked..  :tickedoff:

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