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Synchronizing Outlook


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are you just trying to sync two computers to the same accounts?

As far as dyn dns there are two leaders.. no-ip.org and dyndns.com  They offer the same service and both work.  It comes down to what your router will supports basically.

Windows XP vpn server setup.. http://www.onecomputerguy.com/networking/xp_vpn_server.htm

As far as software clients.. I have always used the windows one because just about every VPN server supports it.

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i don't want to run an exchange server just for two comps and it is not just about the email it is about all the contacts, journal entries and what have you.

The only way I know to move information is under "File" the"Import Export" function. I think you can copy and transfer the files to another PC, at least I did with my address book and some emails.

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that isn't the problem. there might not always be someone on the desktop side that can perform the operation. i am looking to set up something where the desktop is in a wake on lan standby mode. upon the laptop initiating a vpn from a remote net the desktop wakes up and syncs with the laptop, lets the laptop transfer other docs if needed then goes to sleep again after a time.

will need to tinker around with it. if anyone is interested i can post a solution (if i find one).

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