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How To Tweak Smart BRO WiFi


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@frostbound   :cool:

im very thankful for those who help me..

now i know the real fact of the conversation..

thank you!!for enlightening that  the base station is the problem not by

tweaking is the solution!!tnx u frostboun!

im so good to know that and learn from u guys..!! :grin2:

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After Following coolbuster2007's Guide!

1st Tweak: Followed The Guide Step By Step


2nd Tweak: Little Adjustment Di Kasi Mashadong Stable Yung Unang Tweak Ko


3rd Tweak: Used Cablenut/CCleaner & Optimized Using TuneUp Utilities 2007


Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Yahoo Messenger/TuneUP MemOptimizer Are Running

FireFox Add On FasterFox Enabled!

:cheesy: Sweet!

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this picture says my DL speed is 20+kb/s (which is slow)


but whenever I download something, my speed goes down to 2kb/s!?!?!?! why oh why!?!?! and its already 2am in the mornin. networks should have been decongested by now.... huhuhu! is it me or my pc or my base station or the site which I download from? oh my! I hope this hells over tomorrow.

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Just to share with you guys..

I merely experienced speed of less than 200kbps. Well, that's sweet. Even at peak hours, which is from 3pm to 10pm (Philippine Time). Only with the exception of saturday and sunday, for which I experienced a bandwidth lower than 150.  :angry:

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