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How To Tweak Smart BRO WiFi


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[glow=red,2,300]Guys, I have done every instruction in tweaking my SmartBro connection. My canopy is same as posted and yet i still only use around 10% of my ISP's max DL speed when i tested my speed.

Will TCPOptimizer help me with this?[/glow]

Thanks!  :angel:

Have you followed the instructions posted?

Did you scanned your PC for probable virus or adware infection?

Did you try defraging?

Did you run CCleaner to clean your registry?

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ahmmm..regarding Stinger..coz it seems that it's very impossible for me to create one...is there any hardware store that do sell one?...and how much?...coz i'm trying to search some Philippine sites..but i'm losing hope T___T

is this more applicable than requesting to have the pole longer?...

and does this usually avoid intermittent connection as much as possible?

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if you can find tinsmiths in your area, they can make it for you for a fee. i you couldn't find one, you could try looking for a dream satellite dish. look here http://www.testmy.net/t-20809

the stinger reduces jitter or "air noise", so it helps if you are having problems with communication with the base station.

thanks for that...

:? --> why haven't i saw that thread..

oh how i wish i could create one...

is a bucket made of tin applies to be a stinger nyahahaha :azn:

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i think it won't.

stingers reduce jitter or "air noise", allowing for a much clearer communication between the canopy and the base station. if you experience low speed because of high jitter, then yes, it will help.

i like that stinger built from a junk dream cable sat dish. looked hi-tech but can anyone manifest if it can boost up speed, esp if our antenna is just few blocks away from our AP (base station)?

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hello people.

ive been reading posts for a year now but sadly my speed is still SHITTY. i believe whatever tweak you do if your jitter is very high (shitty, unstable changing from 1 to 15) your speed will surely suck.

is there a way to reduce multipath and jitter? this thing concerns me the most.

i managed to achieve 390kBps so i think entering 400club is possible for me.

stinger and dish you guys were saying is interesting. i fabricated a dish from electric fan cover with aluminum foil and i got results (950+ RSSI to 1200) but its not durable.

and lastly. can someone please post a picture of a basestation. please? :angel:

*people hear this please. a case on changing basestation*

i tried to change my basestation. i change my color code then reboot. when i tried to browse. i was redirected. i logged in and the portal said "your account is temporarily deactivated, new configuration detected please call the customer service" i got nervous coz i thought i messed up bigtime. so i returned to my old color code. then i was able to browse again. my question is.. is changing basestation still possible without calling CSR? because i think theres a base station near our house with a clear line of site (eventhought i dont really know what a basestation/AP tower looks like) its just a hunch.

sorry for having a long stupid post. replies will be of great help.

PS. some canopies (i think) cannot be access by IE. based on my experience. using mozilla maybe the solution on 10.xxx.xxx.xxx canopy addresses.

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welcome to the forum :welcome:

please post a pic of your canopy setup with the improvised dish. when using a dish, your canopy must face the dish, not the base station.

you say it increased your RSSI? i thought it was supposed to decrease jitter. maybe i was wrong.

about changing base station, have you read this? http://www.testmy.net/t-20772.msg239898#msg239898

don't worry about long posts, there's nothing wrong with them. :angel:

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thanks for the rep. and the welcome ^_^

my improvised dish is not worth seeing anymore.

sorry but i cant post the pic of my improvised dish.  i trashed it already because its not durable.. imagine a electric fan cover covered with aluminum foil. thats what is looked like. and on more. i know that the dish should be faced on the canopy (canopy not shadowing the dish. dish facing basestation)

what i did waste attached the dish on my canopy. same as improvised stinger from junph101 and its facing towards a basestation(i think that was a basestation? hohoho i dont know, a hunch)

my RSSI went up from 950+ to 1200. i dont really know if the jitter and multipath was reduce but i think not because i made the dish do the job of a stinger.

i know its kind of stupid but im experimenting. inventions and discoveries thru accidents. hohohoh.

anyone please post a pic of a basestation. please.T_T

pasend nren po ng cablenut tweaks. for winXP SP2.. im still hoping to go higher than my highest speed 390kBps.

yun ba ung may ilaw na pula tuwing gabi na pag makita mo sa umaga mukhang canopy na higante?

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and can i know the principle of using a dish and a canopy.

correct me if im getting it wrong. is stinger's purpose organizing recieved signal?

can you give me a briefing how signal travels on air. is it like a laser beam on movies? a straight line? or is it scattered on air?

because i think its scattered on air.

sorry for this stupid (maybe pointless for you guys) questions.

i just wana understand signals better so maybe i can make an improvised theory on how to reduce stinger and multipath filipino style.. hohohoho.


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@Azgauth - we have the same problem. try to monitor your jitter if its stable (not exceeding jitter lvl 3) if thats not the case, maybe PRIZM manages your speed. thats a sad thing.T_T

ignorance is not an excuse but i really apologize for too many questions.

im concerned about my jitter level. its so annoying because it changes from 1 to 15 most of the time...

and i have this weird (maybe weird but i think its weird) thing on my canopy. every 3 days i check my surroundings (ap available around our location) and results change. sometimes i get 11 APs and sometimes i get 4 APs.

i dont want to assume that my canopy is f*cked up. but why is this thing occuring. can anyone please explain this to me.. thanks.^_^

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@elvin 1234

can i know the principle of using a dish and a canopy.

it is usually used when your canopy location is far from the AP. the dish will help capture your AP's signal

correct me if im getting it wrong. is stinger's purpose organizing recieved signal?

it is used to get signal stability esp if there's a distance issue

can you give me a briefing how signal travels on air. is it like a laser beam on movies? a straight line? or is it scattered on air?

your canopy receives and transmits radio signals which travel in wave form.

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@frost - thank you for being a concerned smartbro subscriber citizen. hohoho. there is no trees or building block my canopy. and theres no problem with the distance i think. my distance from the AP is .63 miles or 1+ kilometers. and there is no problem on canopy tube height. our house has 3 floors(im not boasting and we're not rich.T_T) and  the pole of the canopy is 15ft.

so i guess the height and location isnt the problem.

but there's this one thing. there's a unused TV antenna besides our canopy. its not shadowing the canopy because our canopy is facing it.

im thinking maybe the basestation is the one blocked by a building or a tree. because when i look on the direction where my canopy is faced, i dont see any AP towers. our location is weird because we're surrounded by hills.

@coolbuster2007 - thanks. thanks and thanks.  :grin2:

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