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Motorola Canopy Override Plug


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i've restored my canopy to factory default settings, an im connected again...

does this make a sense??? how to put values here???


Site Information

Site Name : No Site Name 

Site Contact : No Site Contact 

Site Location : No Site Location 


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Guest ExtremeFusion

Site Name: Input the name of one which smartbro's contract is entitled.

Site Contact: Input your contact number, same as what you put in the smartbro's application form.

Site Location: Input your current address where the canopy is installed.

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Are you locked-out from the Canopy Software? Well, here's a guide for you to override it so that you can change the settings again.  :cool:

Again, I will not be responsible for any damages this may cause you. Use at your own risk!

This override plug resets the LAN 1 IP address to The plug allows the operator to access the module through the default configuration without changing the configuration. The operator can then view and reset any non-default values.

Acquiring the Override Plug

To fabricate an override plug:

1. Install an RJ-11 6-pin connector onto a 6-inch length of CAT 5 cable.

2. Pin out all 6-pins.

3. Short (solder or twist together) Pins 4 and 6 on the other end. Do not connect any other wires to anything. The result should be as follows:

Pin 1 → white / orange ← Pin 1

Pin 2 → white / green ← Pin 2

Pin 3 → white / blue ← Pin 3

Pin 4 → green ← Pin 6

Pin 5 → blue ← Pin 5

Pin 6 → orange← Pin 4

here's how you should number your RJ-11 6-pin socket..


Using the Override Plug

The operator can regain access to the module as follows:

1. Insert override plug into the RJ-11 GPS sync port of the module.

2. Apply power to the module through the Ethernet cable.

RESULT: The module reboots with the default IP address of, password fields blank, and all other configuration values as previously set.

3. Set passwords as desired.

4. Change configuration values if desired.

5. Save the settings.

6. Remove the override plug.

7. Power cycle the module.

hope this helps.. :wink:

here's my default plug pics:






hope this helps.. :wink:

this is so noobie... why not just get 1 wire and  put 1 end to the number 6 slot and the other to number 4 coz thats the main idea here wtf hahahah

try to analize the wiring since u will not connect anything on the other end so it is useless..  just get 1 wire put the 1 end to number4 slot and the other end to number six simple smart  omg im so smarttttt :evil: :evil:

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as i said  if  you anal lise the wiring diagram u just have to get  single strand wire and put 1 end to number4 slot and the other to number 6 to your rj11 6 pin then crimp it boy :haha:  coz thats the main idea here,, the 4 and six pins to be shorted .. simple smart like me why need the 6 inch cat cable..u can get 1 wire of that cable and cut 2 inches of that solid wire insert in 4 and 6 pin slot then presto,,, small tiny handy overide plugette weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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thanks boss!  i will look for an RJ 11,anyway i bought a crimping tool.let me try.Shhooosh!!! fireworks for you          (kwitis).i have a adaptor RJ 45 to a common telephone line with 4 pins,is it possible to use 4 pins using this diagram given in default override? its really hard to find 6 pins.

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My family is signing up for Xplornet Wireless (after using their Ku-band satellite for two years, I am forcibly against this, but its either this or dialup (and I have a dialup modem just in case ;) )) and I was wondering which options are favourable to change in the SM config. The only things I can think of after reading the SM manual are NAT (so my router gets an IP from the AP and not the SM), and setting power control to normal, so there isnt an 18dB attenuation. Is there anything Im missing? I'm trying to read up as much as possible beforehand, so I know what Im getting myself into.

Also, there is a site mentioned in the Manual that sells the override plugs:


Unfortunately I dont have a credit card, so I cant order one and see what the quality is like, but I would assume they at least work.

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Outta curiosity, why are you guys using all six wires and just twisting the two together? Personally, Id just crimp a jumper between 4 and 6, and glue a boot over the plug to give you something to grab onto.

Whatever floats your boat then. personally, I'd use all 6 wires, since I'm not that good at crimping because my hands have become shaky.

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hi, im trying to override my canopy, im not sure if its still working or not because its been hanging around for 1 1/2yrs now, its not giving up IP from dhcp anymore. hoping that override can to the trick, how long will i need to stick the plug on the slot after powering it up? btw, im not using an actual rj-11 plug for it, just a wire..

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yup just sitting there on our roof top pole for a long time, i am able to reset the ip to default and now says scanning.... cant detect any AP so far, i wonder why, a neighbor four houses away from us also have smartbro and facing the same tower as mine. ill try to hook it up on the higher pole since i changed it when i did the override

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