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Attention all console gamers


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Maybe I am you.... :evil6:

Dammit, Im gonna have nightmares tonight trying to figure this one out... wait I got it.. nope.. WAIT WAIT... nah.  :uglystupid2:  :haha:

:shock:Shug you CAN NOT have a discussion without name calling!!!! Hurry up and call him a retard or something before you lose your dignity!!!! lol jk


Lol your my kind of guy Shug. Some people don't understand that you can disagree with them and you don't haft to get your panties in a wad about it. For example I disagree on HD-DVD being a dieing format. But I am not "angry" with you for disagreeing. Also you have some good points and I even learned some stuff about Blu-Ray from your discussion. I also realize that I could easily be wrong about HD-DVD. IMO it could go either way at this point. For example I think that HD-DVD could really hurt Blu-Ray if they get this rumored $200 HD-DVD player out. O yah...Shug rides da short bus dur dur dur. [nerdly]:haha::2funny::idiot2:

First off... I love you, you are going on my friends list.  :kiss: You sound like a young me (unless your over 26 then you are me in X number of years). Second just the fact that you chose to use the word retard makes me love you more, lord I love that word.. (Wow Im getting gayer by the moment). Yes yes I realize it is not a PC word, but lord do I love it. Third you are totally right, if everyone agreed with each other it would be boring as hell. BORING. Last but not least you are right, the 200 dollar player may make a huge wave, although if HD DVD doesnt get some good movies out it may kinda just splash.

How the hell did you know I rode the short bus... I drive it now... BITCHES. HA HA.  :uglystupid2: :uglystupid2:

Oh oh and I almost forgot I already lost my dignity once today, took the wife out to eat. Lord Im fat.  :azn: :azn:

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