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webcam drivers - where are they stored in Windows?


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okay this one is for the geeks i think

i got 2 webcams installed in my laptop the internal one that is horrible and a good old logitech quick cam pro 4000

i have also got some software called webcam simulator and camtasia

both this 2 software install some camera drivers so that when u select them u can use an area in ur screen to show as ur webcam

in any of this i have unistalled webcam simulator but the drivers are still there

where is the actual file store of my webcam drivers

does any one know how do i remove the 1st two entries of my webcam lists when i go to

so this is the full list of webcams




now look at my Device Manager only shows 2 cams

cams installed.jpg?no_history

so tell me guys

how do i remove the WebCam simulator from the list ?

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