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WRT54G v3 LinkSys - Need help


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I'm technically challenged and really need step by step help to setup my Wireless Linksys WRT54G v3 with my Verizon FIOS. Right now I have a desktop set up with the Verizon FIOS that is not wireless that came with the Setup for free. This desktop is working and running fine. I need to setup up the Wireless Router in addition so I can run my laptop.

If someone could pls help me, as Linksys Tech support wasn't able to give me directions and said something to me about changing the Verizon hardware to bridge mode?


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I also have Verizon FiOs, so let me start by saying congradulations.  Its a great service.  First turnoff your desktop.  Now, on the back of your machine will be the CAT5e ethernet wire (this wire looks like a regular telephone wire but thicker).  Unplug this wire from your desktop.

With your Linksys router unplugged, examine the back of the unit where the power cord attaches.  There you will see five jacks. Four will be clustered together and labeled 1 through 4.  The 5th lone jack is labeled 'WAN'.  Now, take the wire which was previously attached to your computer and insert it into WAN. 

A second Cat5e wire should have come with the purchase of your router.  You will need to locate this and plug one end into the desktop computer and the other end into jack 1 on the back of your Linksys Router.  Turn your router on.  Wait for 30 seconds.  Now turn your desktop on.

Try to access the internet on your desktop.  Try more than one web address.  If they work, you're all set.

If you are unable to access the internet on your desktop then you need to setup the router.  You can follow the instuctions which came with the router to set it up.  They can also be found on the linksys website. 

I'll give you a loose and quick version of those instructions just in case.  Open your web browser. 

In the address bar type:

A grey box will appear asking for your user name and password.

Leave the username blank.  In the password field type: admin

If the username and password werenot accepted, examine the back of the router (where you plugged in the wires and power).  Locate a small black button.  With the router still turned on get a pen or pencil and use it to press the black button in.  Keep pressing on the black button until the lights on the front of the router flash.  Release the botton and repeat the above steps (starting at

Now a nice little Linksys screen comes up.  Click the Grey Button that says Run Wizard.  Follow the on screen instructions and it will take care of the rest of the work.

Hope this helps you out.  Post a message to let us know everything went ok or if you need more instruction.

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That didn't work. There is no Linksys Wizard that comes up.

I need to know what settings I need to enter into my Linksys set up in order to make it work.

And do I need to change any settings on the Verzion Setup Screen for the Actiontec. And if so - how do I do that?

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