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Hard Drive with new motherboard/chipset question.


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I have done this before and it can work but everything new has to register in the OS, new motherboard, video, sound and so on and all the new drivers. If parts were transfered from the old they are still in the OS. Either way takes time and patience.

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Yes it could  work out ok, But   the best way would to format and reinstall , the main point is has he got the Win O/S disk or has the  hard drive got the O/S preinstalled , if so Microsoft may not help , and send you to the computer makers , if you contact them they wont help either as you have modified it ,

I would not personaly risk buying  without  owning the disk and licence key ,or at least factoring in the cost of buying it

this is assuming he is runnig a Microsoft O/S

Btw, I have taken a dozen or so hard drives from laptops (old Sony Vaio's, no disk drive )

hooked them up as a single drive "C" on a spare desktop computer , formated and reloaded the  O/S  and all the progs needed , put the drive back in the laptop without any major problems ,

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