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Weird Framerate!!


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Ok, so I upgraded my PC quite a bit a couple of weeks ago, and everything was running fine, untill I loaded up me favorite game, Unreal Tournament 99 (also know as goty). At first everythin looked good, but when I got into a game its started going crazy, like frames droping, or lagging. Ive tried all sorts of drivers, but I get the same results. My friend thinks its becuase I use x64, he has the same prob too. and I read there was an app to make certian programs to run better on x64, but no luck, any one has info on this?

btw, the old specs are

AMD Athlon @ 1.20GHz

768MB ram

ATI Radeon 9600 series - AGP 256MB

the new are

AMD Athlon 64 X2 @ 2.82GHz OCed

1.75GB ram

ATI Radeon X1600 PRO - PCIx16 512MB

any help will be usefull, thansk again guys ^^

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stuff should run much better on ur new machine, period.....there is no such app really - there are patches/fixes/drivers for dual core processors, but thats about it....

what frame rate are you getting ? .....does it seem it is constantly hitting some frame rate, sort of bouncing around it ? - if so, you probably have the vsync turned on, or some sort of a game internal command that limits frame number

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yeah if you get 60 fps its 99% because you have vsync on. 

if not than try those 2 options:

1. get the dual core optimized from amd.com

2. clock your pc to stock speeds and check if it works than.

i dont trust fraps...it never shows me more than 60 fps...and i should be getting 100+ easy lol

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hye guys, I went off to try the dual core optimize thing, but I couldnt find anythin, so I decided to try teh vsync thing. I disabled it... I got like 300FPS, however this didnt resolve my problem, in fact it made it worse... grafics going waaay to fast. so I decided to record a vid, but to my astonishment, it started recording at 25fps and the game actually got playeble!!! now, I guess the question is, is there any apps or settings that I can use ti limit fps of my monitor to 25 ~ 26fps when I play that game, so that I dont have to record each time I play?

thanks again guys!

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LOL, nah I use to get 60fps too, but it didnt look like it was on coffe with chocolate and pure sugar. Im gonna try out the amd thing now.

remember to restart after installation

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