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Remote trouble


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hail wad up,

                    I vpn to a remote loccation an then try to remote desktop,but i get this error:

1 Remote Dekstop Might not be enable ont the remote computer..(which it is).

2)Maximum number of connections were exceeded for the remote computer

(kinda immpossible becuz I'm the only one trying to do it at the time)

3)A network error has occured at the time.

Anyone can give assistance with this please it's urgent.

Thank you..

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Maximum number of connections is possible.. I saw this on a 2003 box while in lab..  Terminal Services limits the number or remote logons to 2 at any one given time.. To deal with that run this command.. mstsc -v:servername /F -console  and then clear or close the TS sessions that are currently running..

For the other errors make sure that all of your traffic is being pushed out onto the VPN tunnel and not the local network.

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