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Hardrive missing ??


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I was transfering some files from my large hard drive to my smaller one getting ready to formatt.  While I was transfering a 300mb folder, half way throught I ahd an error saying one of the files folders couldn't be tranfered for some reason (I forget the reason), I had problems getting the task to respond after that, and make a long story short, I had to reboot my computer.  Upon start up again, I no longer have a D drive showing anywhere (thats my small hard drive). I can't seem to find it either, I click to send something to it (had a shortcut to the small HD in my send to on right click option) and it says the HD cannot be found or has been removed.  Any ideas what couldve happened or how to get it back.or find it?

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Wow.. Check the plugs.. maybe even move the drive to a different position on the cable, assuming that it is and IDE cable and not SATA..  Are there any weird clicking noises coming from the drive?  I have never heard of a drive dumping like that unless it was about to fail or in the process of failing..

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Try using PC Inspector to look for the disk. If it does not find any hint of the drive, it's probably a hardware failure. I had the same problem with one of my data drives. During Vista setup, I had to clean up the disk in order to install for some reason. It just so happened the disk I told it to clean was the wrong one lol.. I used PC Inspector and it found all of my files. Hope that helps man.. :smiley:

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