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why I take so many speed tests


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this is for me

Period (Month) Download Upload Both Directions Dial-Up Time

January 2007 6,370,462 KB 15,696,113 KB 22,066,575 KB 0 sec

February 2007 51,038,026 KB 48,881,485 KB 99,919,511 KB 0 sec

March 2007 48,632,534 KB 44,573,979 KB 93,206,513 KB 0 sec

only started in mid Jan so 22G in feb is low

more like 100Gig a month

last year i has 20G a month it sucked

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I have the Boost package and I didn't even know I get unlimited usage, I was afraid to download/upload alot thinking I was going to get capped but now I know I wont get capped

as far as it goes on here and on dsl reports a boost user has never been capped and 1 user even uploaded 100 gigs an a few days just to try it

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Hmm I guess its ok then to just download/upload away then, Man 100Gigs is alot  :lol:

not when u live in the uk and got to download all the latest episodes to all ur house mates

24, desperate, lost, everybody hates chris,

well i dont download this kind of stuff, you know what i mean

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good luck on hitting 27 :-P

It's all good, test as much as you need... that's why I never put any cap on how much you can test... but if you're eating that much of my bandwidth I hope you've at least told one person about the site :-P -- haha

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