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what is the best pop-up blocker


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im using IE7. but i think i dl something with adware or gone to a website that gave me it. and now i get pop-ups. now im just looking for something to help stop them. but most things i find you have to pay for the full version.

now if i switch to firefox would that stop the pop-ups. Ive tried firefox before and i just didnt like it, because you have to dl add-ons.

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The problem is most likely not with your browswer, but with spyware. Pop up blockers do not block pop ups that are not associated with a browser (or at least most of em). Your best bet would be to download an antispyware program to search and get rid it of this software. I uses Windows Defender and it works wonders for me. After the original install, you don't really have to do anything else, it does it's thing automatically. Heres the link.


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I agree that if its adult material, it is highly likely to be malware. Windows Defender + Spybot + Ad-Aware will have 99% chances to stop the problem. Don't reformat, that would be a loss of time. If you can't find those programs of have problems with them, post, we will help you.

Edit: A question for everyone: Do you think it would be worth it scrapping Spybot and AdAware and keep Windows Defender only? Safety-wise and ressource-wise?

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Do you only get pop-ups when you browse the internet?

I had quite a problem with them a while ago, but spybot took care of them. It might help you too, cause IE7 shouldn't have popups I believe.


spybot + adaware work the best =]] for removing spyware

i would look into


discussion about ad aware programs

i found ad-aware and spy bot the best ones

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Hi Buntz , how do you find Comodo firewall I am using the old Sygate one ,

and need to be able to recommend a good free easy to use firewall to friends  

Sorry |Buntz and thanks Just , I guess the Englsh/Ameruican fell apart there ,

yes I was asking is it easy to use for a novice /newbie , as my group that I suport are a bit basic , I have only just got them off of Norton and on to Grisofts AVG , so the firewall must be easy to use ,

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lol thanks Buntz , lol  this 4730 miles sucks at times , (delay )

Thanks for the info,I will give it a try , on my spare puter , as the old Sygate has been discon. and now owned by Norton ,Sygatet works well enough for me though , and  I am care full where I surf also ,

but for my frebie  group the world wide web is their oyster . as we say in the UK,


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I think it is easy to use. Like a lot of other firewall your have to give permission for firefox or IE or any other program to enter the internet,but if you check the [remember my answer for  this application box ] you only have to do it once.The only problem I every had with this firewall is with gaming. Some game will not let you out of the game to give it permission to enter the internet. I usually just shut it off before I start playing those game.

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