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Freedom stopped working


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Hello all!

I'm a Time Warner (and former Adelphia) customer in Santa Monica. Tonight I got a message on my Freedom antivirus software that says, "Access to this service is currently denied due to Copyright Protection infringement.  All licenses are currently in use."  I had relied on Freedom for this particularly computer because I use it mostly for video editing and never for email.

Now, I thought that the Freedom service might be changed, now that Time Warner has taken over, but would they make a chnage without warning. Well, you betcha.  That's been Time Warner's pattern  throughout the whole migration from Adelphia. They make a change with little warning, then spend days cleaning up the mess.

My other thought is that there is some kind of dispute between the Freedom people (Zero Knowledge) and  Time Warner,, and, as a result, the service was suspended.  Has anyone heard anything?

Also, my speed has been cut from more than 5 megs to just above 3. Anyone else experience that?


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Welcome to the site TechLady..

Umm.. not a huge surprise about the Freedom software.. Adelphia, my guess, has servers that authenticate the License for the software with servers on their network..  Since you are no longer on their network you are no longer eligible to use Freedom.. It isn't Time Warner's fault... My guess is that bought out the service area an not the equipment that services that area..

As far as the speed issue.. You are most likely going to see an increase shortly once TW figures out how to balance the new area on their hosts and nodes.  Give it like 3-4 weeks before you should see normal service again.   

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Yeah, Freedom Authenticated using IP addresses instead of the standard Licence key, so now that your road runner and have a road runner IP, well I assume you can do the math  :buck2:  So to remedy the situation jsut go to http://www.rr.com/afaqs/ which will explain the migration, how to remove freedom, since its the only real way to fix the problem

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