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Am I being Capped (or Throttled)? From 15Mbps to 2Mbps in 24hours.


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I finally reached over 15Mbps download last week (see below)

Total Tests Taken:


Fastest Download:

  15128 kb/s

Fastest Upload:

    1864 kb/s

Average Download:

    12386 kb/s

Average Upload:

    1814 kb/s

...but since then my speeds have averaged in the 2 to 7Mbps range which has never happened to me since having OOL.  I contacted their customer service and they told me that I was not capped.  I contacted them again and another rep told me that my modem showed alot of download data and if I had a peer to peer program installed.  I don't have any such program installed and the only download data I could imagine is when I perform the speedtests.  Anyhow, here is my most recent ccs that I created today and now I am back in the 13 to 14Mbps range.  I have the 15-2 package.

Any way to tell if I have been capped?


Rep. told me that it could be my modem and to exchange it at their store.

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Well.. there are a lot of things that can effect speed..  Signal, modem, etc...

When she said that you had large amounts of traffic.. she isnt talking about 60+ tests.. she is talking in the 10s of GB..  which would be consistent with a P2P program..

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