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Reinstalling Windows from an External CD Drive


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I was wondering if it was possible to reinstall windows from an external CD/DVD-RW drive. The problem is that when I put in the OS cd, it doesn't recognize it. Is there any way to get the external drive to recognize the cd? I tried putting a different CD in and it works perfectly so I'm guessing its just the OS cd.


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You need to change the boot priority in the BIOS. Are you saying it just won't load the setup screen when you restart, or it simply doesnt read the disc altogether while in Windows? In any case, you need to tell the BIOS to look for an OS on the optical drive, BEFORE it reads the hard disk. In other words, put the devices in this order. Your floppy drive goes first (if you have one), your optical drive second, and your hard drive third, in the boot priority configuration. If you do not know how to do this, I can possibly walk you through it if you tell me what motherboard is in your system.

Edit: I didn't really understand your question at first, so let me ask you this. Are you trying to install windows while its loaded, or trying to do it when you reboot?

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