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Mobile Speed Testers needed WWW.TESTMYMOBILE.NET


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I need you help,

this is really important to me

If you have:

a) Phone with internet access

b)laptop with internet access via a mobile technology such as GPRS, EDGE, EVDO, HSDPA

please please help me with this

go to www.testmymobile.net and test the speed of your mobile technology

this is not a hoax, and i am not trying to steal customers from testmy.net this is just a university project

thank you for your help read bellow for the full story


Hi there guys

Some of you have seen me around here before to some of you i am new.

I'm a nice guy who hangs around this forum a lot (not as much as some other people).

but i do have a life and that involves going to university and having a final year degree

basically my dissertation hypothesis is that users do not experience speed claims by mobile phone providers

so i need to test this hypothesis out, since i could not make a research project on its own and had to build something i decided to build a website tailored for mobile phone, i have to say that [color=red]it will not work will all mobile phones[/color] but it works with the latest mobile phones and PDA.

this is a website in the world wide web and not in WAP, so you need a real browser like IE or Opera Mini

i try to do speed testing without using JavaScript but its simply impossible to get it accurate and pop up windows everywhere, so i had to use JavaScript just like the main testmy.net website does.

so all this to introduce to you my final year project at university which is a website for mobile devices to measure their mobile technology speed

if you have a data card and are accessing the internet via a mobile technology like GPRS, HSDPA, EVDO, please test as well from your laptop.

okay so what i need from you guys;

please go to


try out the simple speed test or try out the picture speed testing or with different file size

the video speed testing will not actually record or tell you the speed of ur connection that is just there to look pretty

also please pretty please can i ask you one last favor

after you test fill in this little form in the results page under [b]Submit Extra Information[/b]


if you are concerned about the [i][color=red]legality of this project[/color][/i] and if i am stealing people from testmy.net don't worry

i talked with the owner of this website and he is aware of the project, i don't want to make any profit out of my project and if anything the only website i advertise in my website is testmy.net in the footer of the website


this is just a simple university project not a full fledge security prof website

i pass most variables without hiding from the user, do not write junk in the link to insert crap in my database

please don't do this, also it might not work on ur phone or crash or something, if it does tell me what happened here, paste the link where u got stuck, whatever, maybe i might be able to fix it, maybe not.

thank you all for your help

really appreciated

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a little update

some of you have tested and i would like to thank you for that

if you haven't of if you have you can test your speed more then once that would be appreciated

you got about 1 week or so to test as much as you can so i can analyze the results for my project

the website will still be up after that

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There you go, just-.

Sprint EVDO ( rev.1, or whatever the heck generation 1 is called ).

Looks pretty accurate.

yeah yeah EDGE is a bit slower then EV-DO

i should get it tweaking a bit here and there

but just the speed test data is what i need now for my dissertation

thanks a lot guys

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yeah yeah EDGE is a bit slower then EV-DO

i should get it tweaking a bit here and there

but just the speed test data is what i need now for my dissertation

thanks a lot guys

No problem, just-

Actually it is EVDO, it's just not the latest Rev. A yet, I believe it is called Rev. 1.

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